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Data backup & Disaster recovery
Protect Your Data and Ensure Quick Recovery


Data is the backbone of any business - invoices, customer information, documents, etc. What happens if your business faces a natural disaster, fire, theft or equipment failure? We offer a combination of onsite and offsite backups, along with imaging backup and recovery. We strive to ensure zero or low loss of data, and quick recovery.

  • Continuous Data Protection

  • Data is backed up as soon as it changes.

  • Off-site backups

  • Imaging Backup and Recovery

  • Stores an image of your workstation or server allowing for quick full system recovery. Daily Backups

  • Truly secure and reliable off-site backup

  • Stored at a secure offsite storage facility. 

    Data is encrypted and can't be accessed without your secret key.

The security and accessibility of our clients' data is the number one priority at TechPlus. We work to ensure that all important data will be instantly accessible no matter what emergencies arise.

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